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Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb

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Offer your customers an irresistible self-care experience with soothing fragrances and a touch of luxury. This trio promises to enhance your retail selection, providing a perfect blend of relaxation and indulgence.

Packed in the eco-friendly cardboard tube - preserves freshness, making it an attractive addition to in-store displays for an eye-catching retail experience.  

Handmade - Made in the UK 

Bath bomb weight: approx, 0.140g

Himalayan Salt weight: approx. 0.050g

Flower Petals weight: approx, 0.005g


"Cupid's Self Care" Aromatherapy Set 

This enticing set features a Ylang Ylang & Ginger Bath Bomb, Himalayan Bath Salt, and delicate Rose Petals. 


"Blooming Pink Bliss" Aromatherapy Set 

This charming set features a Frankincense & Rose Bath Bomb, paired with mineral-rich Himalayan Bath Salt and vibrant Marigold Petals. 


"Sunflower Serenity" Aromatherapy Set 

This invigorating set showcases a Chamomile & Grapefruit Bath Bomb paired with mineral-rich Himalayan Bath Salt and vibrant Sunflower Petals.


"Enchanting Heart Heaven" Aromatherapy Set 

This lovely set includes a Clary Sage & Juniper Bath Bomb, accompanied by mineral-rich Himalayan Bath Salt and delicate Lavender Petals. 


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