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Coconut shaving bowl

Coconut shaving bowl

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Upcycling is a zero-waste philosophy in which something valuable is created from unwanted items others would have regarded as trash. This practice reduces waste and emissions, as it keeps a lot of usable material outside the waste stream. Luckily, there are a lot of opportunities to get upcycled products, or you can upcycle yourself.

Upcycling coconut shells

During the production of coconut oil, the coconut shells are a by-product, and are usually burned openly. This practice is highly unsustainable because it releases a lot of unnecessary CO2 and methane emissions. Instead, the coconut shell can be made into a useful product.

Coconut shells are ideal for upcycling because they can be transformed into sturdy, natural coconut bowls. The material is very abundant and compostable. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of coconut oil production makes open burning the easiest and most cost-effective option for the producers.

Bambaw’s coconut shell bowls are made from artisans in Bali, Indonesia. The coconut shells are carefully selected, based on their size. Afterwards, they can start their new life as coconut bowls. They get a flattened bottom to make sure they do not wobble over before being polished with a coconut oil to make them dishwasher safe.

One in a billion

Because the coconut shell bowls are a natural product, they are one in a billion, just like you. The coconut bowls are all unique in size, form and colour. However, all have a diameter of 12 to 15 cm and are 5 to 6 cm high.

Kickstart your healthy lifestyle

The coconut bowls are great to kickstart or continue your healthy lifestyle. Use them for healthy bowl recipes, such as buddha bowls, acai bowls or smoothie bowls. All these contain everything you need in a single dish.

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