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Loofco Washing-Up Brush with Handle | Coconut Fibre Dish Brush

Loofco Washing-Up Brush with Handle | Coconut Fibre Dish Brush

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LoofCo Washing-Up Brush with Handle is hand-made in Sri Lanka from coconut coir fibre twisted around a galvanised metal core with a rubberwood handle. With a specially designed 10cmx7cm curved brush head, an 11cm rubberwood handle and string hanging loop.

Our rubberwood handles are made from rubber trees that have finished yielding latex in Sri Lankan rubber plantations.

LoofCo is a range of loofahs, scourers, tawashi brushes, husk scraper, cloths & soaps for a sustainable, plastic free, zero-waste, eco living home. Made from natural plant fibres, mainly loofah & coconut.

To Use: • Rinse thoroughly before first use. Immerse in warm water and use with washing-up liquid or LoofCo Washing-Up Soap

• The curved brush head design makes it versatile enough for everyday washing-up and robust enough for scrubbing baked-on food A recyclable alternative to plastic washing-up brushes.

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