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My Valley Saftey Razor

My Valley Saftey Razor

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It was once estimated that 2 billion disposable razors were used every year in the US. Statistics for the UK are a little hard to come by, but it's safe to assume the number used is in the tens or hundreds of millions. Although technically some of the materials used are recyclable, the fact that a disposable razor is a combination of plastic and a sharp metal blade means that all to often it ends up in landfill, even if put in the recycling.

My Valleys Very own bamboo safety razors are a timeless eco-friendly & plastic-free alternative to disposable razors and is suitable for men and women. With a solid bamboo handle and chrome stainless steel head that fits all double edge blades, this is a razor that gives you the closest shave while being kind and gentle on your skin.

The razor is designed to last for life so although the upfront cost is higher than disposable razors it is worth it in the long run. Replacement razor blades can be purchased if you ever run out.

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