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The Dog and I

Natural Dog Skin Balm

Natural Dog Skin Balm

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Natural, lightly scented, moisturising dog skin balm , perfect for dry noses, sore and cracked paw pads, callouses, to soothe hot spots, calloused elbows,  in fact anywhere on your dog that needs a bit of TLC. This is handmade and all natural with no nasties. Safe to lick.

Made with hemp, lavender and peppermint oils. Hemp oil contains Omega 3 and 6 and is a great source of high quality nutrients for skin health. 

Tin contains 60g.

About The Dog and I

I retrained as a professional dog groomer a number of years ago now and during this time I discovered , to my amazement, that there is no legislation around dog shampoos and other skin care products at all. This means there no requirement to list ingredients or even any control over what ingredients are used.

I was hearing all the time of dog groomers with skin problems, dogs with skin problems and at the same time I was becoming more and more aware of the issues around pollution, plastic and chemical and this led to extensive reading around the subject and eventually The Dog and I was born.

The Dog and I is all about luxury grooming products which are kind to you, your dog and the planet. We use high quality, plant based ingredients which are gentle and effective and natural, dog friendly essential oils and absolutely no harsh detergents such as SLS and SLES which you will find in the majority of commercial brands.

All our products are handmade, tested only on humans and completely cruelty free.

We are a small family business and not only are our products beautifully made but we also strive to offer the best in customer service. Without our loyal customers there would be no business and we truly appreciate each and everyone of you.

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