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Reusable Nespresso® capsule + 1 tamper

Reusable Nespresso® capsule + 1 tamper

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Refillable stainless steel capsule compatible with Nespresso® machines delivered with a tamper in recyclable cardboard packaging.

Best seller! This pack is in great demand in stores and is a good gift idea, or simply an ideal format to test the capsule.
It can then be supplemented by the capsule alone, sold in bulk, to avoid multiplying packaging and accessories.

Clip-on and compatible with all ground coffees, it is very easy to fill.
The capsules are made of stainless steel, without aluminium and without BPA.

The capsule also works with tea.

Package contents:
- 1 reusable stainless steel Nespresso® capsule
- 1 stainless steel tamper
- 1 filling spoon
- 1 cleaning brush

Compatible with all Nespresso coffee machines, except Nespresso U machines.


Maximum diameter: 36.7 mm
Height: 26.9mm

Net weight



5g of ground coffee


304 stainless steel

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