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tea by the sea

Tea By The Sea

Tea By The Sea

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Contains 10 teabags. One bag makes three cups. Just squeeze out the excess water, pop it on a saucer and put it in the fridge for next time. 


Everywhere else they hug but it's only in Wales that we Cwtch. Feet up and cosy up with our warming blend... ahhh! 

Ingredients: Whole flower hibiscus and cinnamon. 

Taste: A cranberry like flavour with a warming twist.

Womans Balance - HRTEA:

Breathe... This luxury blend of whole flower red clover, whole chamomile flower and rose will restore some balance into your life! Designed to support women through the menopause this tea contains red clover which contains a natural phytoestrogen. 

Ingredients: Red Clover, chamomile and rose petal. 

Taste: mildly sweet and delicate. 


Sleepy Tea:

Breathe... Cosy up with our sleep tight tea. Forget about your day and look forward to a new tomorrow. Sssssshhhhhhhhh....

A gorgeous blend of whole chamomile flowers, valerian root and organic peppermint. Best enjoyed one hour before bed time with a good book or mindfulness meditation. Also suitable to relieve the symptoms of anxiety. 

Ingredients: Chamomile, peppermint and valerian root. 
Taste: The cool flavour of mint blends well with the smooth tones of chamomile and the earthy aftertone of valerian root.

Brewing time: 4 minutes (up to 7 minutes if a stronger brew is needed). 


When you need to get things done look to our Superwoman blend for an almighty, all natural boost! With ingredients designed to support the immune system, ain't nothing gonna get you down today! 

Ingredients: A gorgeous blend of Echinacea, astragulus root and rosehip.

Taste: mildly sweet and fruity taste.


Welsh Breakfast Tea:

Start your day the Welsh way with a cup of our luxury breakfast blend tea. A gorgeous blend of luxury Assam from India and Kenya grown at high altitude gives this tea a full bodied taste. 

Ingredients: Luxury black tea and safflower petals. 


Christmas Blend: 

Christmas comes but once a year and so does this blend. An annual sellout; this gorgeous, luxury blend of hibiscus, cinnamon, star anise and clove with a slice of naturally dried clementine in each teabag will have you cwtched up and cosy in no time! 

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